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Sonte'. 23. Anxious. Big bootied gamer.

my summoner name: bigbootybirch

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Anonymous Asked:
is your last name birch?! mine too <3

My answer:

nope, mr./ms. birch, it’s not! 

sorry to disappoint D:

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lgoflg has followed and unfollowed me about 30 times. pls stop, whoever is running it.


Compact Donut Mirror

••• $2.50 •••

tried the lan server to see if it would give me better ping since its in florida (?). ping was just as bad :( 

edit: nvm i’m getting 60 ping, bye NA


Bronzodia, The Banned One

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why gragas doin the nae nae

me: baby, come over.

bf: i can’t, i’m stuck on summoner’s rift.

me: my parents arent home.

bf: image